Modern Poetry Artists

Poetry is something that has long touched the soul. There are a number of modern poetry and spoken word artists who have a way with sonnets, and verse and who delight in many ways as the artists of old.

Some of the modern poetry artists who combine poetry and rap might include artists such as Eminem other wise known as Marshall Mathers who considers himself as a poet and artist in the music niche. Other artists such as Robin G.considers herself to be a poet and artist working in both poetry and music, as does Kanye West.

Where poetry and rap intersect and intertwine is something that many people are a bit confused about. However, most do consider rappers to be poets although they may not conform to strict iambic pentameter styles. However poets who are strictly defined as poets are several in number.

Cate Marvin is the author of a compelling work called Fragment on the Head of a Queen. She is a modern poet living in New York City. Another poet that has users taking notice is an individual by the name of Tracy K. Smith who teaches creative writing at Princeton University and is the author of Duende and Life on Mars.

Other modern poets of note would include artists such as Maya Angelou who’s works of angst and triumph have inspired no less than one of America’s well known celebrities Oprah Winfrey. A number of songwriters consider themselves to be poets at heart including songwriters such as William K. Hawkins. He is well known for his song Gnostic Serenade and was best known for his work in the 60′s. Other songwriters who consider themselves to be poets at heart might include contemporary 70′s artists like Bob Dylan who has the link of poetry and song writing down to a science.

It is safe to say that there is also great overlap between poets and songwriters, look at the work of balladeer Gordon Lightfoot for instance. Lightfoot has written and performed his own songs for decades and has written them in a strict poetic style. Some of the newer artists to have burst on the scene that combine poetry with song writing would include Steve Burt who’s poetry and music can be combined into one line. Leonard Cohen who has published his own books of poetry. Patti Smith known as a poet before her musical career took off and David Berman who has a profound music and poetry career. Whether newer or a bit older, there are plenty of modern poetry artists that are worthy of note. It is safe to say the link of poets and musical artists will continue to enthrall for generations.